Less Blank

by Speen

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released July 2, 2016

All songs written, recorded, produced, & mastered by Speen
in Broke Boy Studios, Tacoma in the spring of 2016
Artwork by Speen and TCT
A special thanks to my family, Tony, Daniel,
Jordan, Max, Bella, Kur, Keegan, Dean,
& everyone else who helped me
in the making of this album.



all rights reserved


Speen Tacoma, Washington

Spencer James John Johndrew

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Track Name: Prince Town
Couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t break the streak. Couldn’t handle the clout, you couldn’t take the heat. Couldn’t follow the lead, couldn’t fall in line. Couldn’t feel the need, you couldn’t find the time. Left me drying alone, you’re in far too deep. Go ahead and bemoan, just try and get some sleep. Something’s changed in the air, you can feel it too. Suddenly I’m aware, it wasn’t true. Ever wonder what happens to me late at night. Ever wonder what’s next in your life girl. I still wonder what happened, why you had to lie. I still wonder what’s next. Shouldn’t know you’re in town, shouldn’t want to find. Shouldn’t know notice you’re down, I should draw the line. Shouldn’t happen to try, shouldn’t need to care. Shouldn’t look in your eyes, I should see what’s there. Finally coming around, you’ve discovered that, I’ve been bringing you down, going tit for tat. Something tells me I'm wrong, but who am I to say. I've known it all along, you wouldn’t… Next up we all go to sleep.
Track Name: False Witness
I know you said you couldn’t stop, you couldn’t help it. But now I think that letting go is bound to happen. I’ve said too much girl. I find it hard to sympathize when you don’t listen. I know some day you’ll recognize you’re not forgiven. You’ve said too much girl. I’ll stay out of your business. Don’t say a word, I can’t handle all the weakness. Something’s up with forgiveness. I’ll give you the false witness.
Track Name: Solace
No, no.
Track Name: School in Summertime
Feeling like it’s not important. Tried to admit what’s forgotten. Streets lie moonlit, breaths are shortened. Prizes forfeit, trust uncommon. Sing her sighs. Understand the weight of her voices. No reprise. Reprimand and give her the choice. Feeling all this, no enjoyment. Nothing matters in the moment. Can’t escape his disappointment. She is not the lone proponent. Sing her sighs. Understand the weight of her voices. No reprise. Reprimand and give her a hand to discern the man to give her the choices. Over it, she’s done. Dropped the bit, wrought for none. If she could just pretend, she’d stay here in the end. She was not the one, the only one, to finish up and run. Feelings suggest finding solace. Aa you could guess, I can’t promise. It’s not progress, it’s dishonest. And I’ve digressed, and you’ve vanished.
Track Name: Flicker
Winter, spring, and summer, oh I’ll never find another. Tried to love the other, but it left my heart uncovered. There’s nothing left for us to give, and there’s no use in explaining why you have to live. Winter, spring, and summer, oh I’ll have to find another. You are what the others call a motherfucking bummer.
Track Name: Signal
Give me a signal, show me a sign to promise you’re mine. You couldn’t figure the reasons why, but you know it’s a lie. Give me a signal, show me a sign, and I’ll promise you mine. You couldn’t figure the reasons why I can’t look in your eyes.
Track Name: Greenwood
Track Name: And You're Back
Operator the lines dead, I’m hanging up the phone. Was it something her eyes said, something I should’ve known? Hands are coming up empty, seems there’s nothing left to do. Toxic talks of contempt, we've got nothing over you. Well deserved, you know I had it coming. Unobscured, there’s no more room for running. Overheard, the secrets you’re succumbing to. I know the words of the notions you’ve been thumbing through. Undeterred, there’s no more time for turning. You preferred the bridges you left burning and it’s so absurd, the shit that you’re concerning but you’ve reassured that you wouldn’t be returning, and you’re back. All of a sudden I’m reaching to what I used to know. It seems that following each thing compelled you all to go. And now it’s suddenly clashing with what it’s always been. And I can’t help what I’m asking, forgot where to begin.
Track Name: Monetized
Almost within my view. It was getting closer but I lost composure when you were coming through. Always just out of touch. You say I’m so confused. Ask you why, you refuse. This shit happens way too much. Come again, comprehend. You know you mystify me. I know I must defy you if I’m to disagree. If only it’s true, I know it won’t be something fully not explained. Nothing learned but something gained from looking in your eyes. I see that we’ve been monetized. They can see vacancy. They’re watching me, patiently, and you concede, gracefully. It cuts through me, painfully. I can see, finally, you’re out for me, rightfully. It wouldn’t be violently, you’re killing me silently. Almost figured you out. It was a long time coming but I'm just succumbing. You know I've had my doubts. Always the same mistakes. I don't know where to turn but you don't dare concern. This is all that I can take. In the end, we descend, listen in, chances slim.
Track Name: Jargon
Track Name: Face Value
I say hello, I love you. I say hello, hello. You’ll say I just don’t love you. I’ll say I’m so alone. I’ll say hello, I love you. You’ll say hello, hello. And say I just don’t know you. I’ll say you’ll never know. I say hello, I love you. She’ll say I know, I know. I’ll say how long have you known? She knew it all along. I’ll say hello, I love you. She’ll stay and live in love. I’ll say I’m lost without you. She’ll say she’s lost enough.
Track Name: Stalemate
I see me thin, and lost within. Do not know when, but I know it’s been.
Track Name: Done and Dusted
I get the feeling that I can’t keep going but I don’t even realize it’s still not showing up. Can’t seem to sleep without you even though it’s getting cold I can’t seem to be without you anymore it’s getting old. All this emotion from the strangest commotion and we don’t have the notion to understand what to make of it. It’s almost over and I don’t feel you closer so we’ll just have to go there so that I can finally take the hit. Better to remember me than to pretend. Better a true enemy than a false friend. The end is nearing but I can’t keep holding onto those bitter memories that still keep pulling through. The proper reason says that we should try to coexist and think to remember out of all this time what I had missed. All this commotion from the strangest emotion and we don’t have the notion to understand what to make of it. It’s almost over and you don’t feel me closer so we’ll just have to go there so that you can finally take the hint. Just let it go, don’t let it show. Now it’s done and they’ve all gone, you’ve lost me all along.
Track Name: Greenwood 3/4